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Tony Bandele, Psy.D
Tony Bandele, Psy.D
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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"Go back and fetch it"


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Philosophical Approach

Mitakuye Oyasin


Lakota for “All My Relations”, connotes the inclusivity of all living things; how we are all related to one another regardless of the apparent differences. In our efforts to navigate the, at times, rough terrain of our lives, we often forget this interrelatedness. The result can be a profound sense of loneliness, despair and a loss of focus and purpose. We may forget how resilient our human spirit can be. Problems-in-living, or “PILS”, exist when people have lost touch with this inherent resiliency. Coping strategies become unhelpful and limited, thus also restricting and limiting our choices.

One way to rediscover our purpose and to move towards health is to take a hard look at our values, that to which we give meaning. The Baobab Tree, “the tree of life”, has its origins in the arid, lowlands of Africa but is able to grow in countries around the world and in every imaginable climate. It symbolizes the determination to flourish regardless of the surrounding conditions. When we define our purpose we can nurture ourselves towards growth even if the environment around us is less than supportive.

The Sankofa symbol pictured above means “to go back and fetch it”. To reclaim our purpose is to explore what we value and to use that knowledge to move towards healing. In this way we realize that we are not alone. We can live in the spirit of Mitakuye Oyasin.

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Psychotherapy Approach

My approach to therapy is in helping clients to understand that they themselves have everything they need to cope more effectively with their “problems-in-living”. This is done through gentle exposure to the things that they avoid. It is only through increased self-awareness that we can realize and utilize the resiliency that exists within us. I use a variety of techniques to help move clients in the direction of healing.

Problems in Living

PILs are the events that arise in our lives that we regard as unwelcome or harmful, whether minor or seemingly catastrophic. When we are unable to accept these problems as just part of “living”, or cope with them in a way that promotes health, we have a “problem-in-living”.  I approach these issues from a cognitive social learning perspective emphasizing the experiential nature of human relatedness. In this style of therapy, we use elements of mindfulness and acceptance as a way to help people become more aware of themselves and their relationship to others. Psychological distress is approached in a multicultural way addressing the various ways that culture influences our reactions to life events.

Goal of Therapy

The goal of therapy is to help people discover more choices as they attempt to better relate to themselves and others. This is accomplished by living a value-driven life. I am here to help you create your value path and to assist  you in navigating through this journey.

Calm Sea

When I dare to be powerful-to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less & less important whether I am afraid

Audre Lorde

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Calm Sea
Services I Offer

*Adult      *Adolescence    *Child     *Family


Although I can treat a variety of PILs, I specialize in anxiety, anger problems, men's issues, and family and couple therapy.

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, I assist you and your partner in discovering the obstacles that have interfered with you living and loving in a shared, valued way. Before we begin our journey to enhance your relationship, we will spend our first few sessions assessing your relational history, partnership satisfaction, communication styles, and conflict management through both joint and individual sessions. From there, we will meet for feedback where I will present a summary of the assessment information and my recommendations for how your couples therapy could proceed.


Are you needing supervision hours? I provide services for both individuals seeking professional supervision in order obtain their mental health license, and for those simply looking to advance in their professional development.

Consultation Services

Helping individuals and organizations move towards a more socially just way of living.

Social injustice can manifest itself in organizations in the following ways:
*segregation of employees
*ongoing conflict between employees
*difficulty in retention of employees of color
*tension or conflict between male & female staff
*heavy undefined tension in the air

Home: Qualifications

Licensed clinical psychologist, Colorado license number 1387.

I have practiced clinical psychology since 1982.


BS in Psychology from Colorado State University                                                  9/73-12/77
Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from Indiana State University          9/78-5/80

Professional Psychology degree from University of Denver                                 9/81-8/86

My Qualifications
Professional Experience
Professional Experience
  • Associate Professor for Graduate Psychology

  • Primary Care Psychologist for the Air Force

  • Outpatient Therapy Clinician

  • Clinical Therapist Inpatient Adult Unit

  • Clinical Director Inpatient Child Unit

  • Clinical Director Adolescent Correctional Facility

  • Director of Emergency Services

  • Multicultural Consultation for Businesses, Colleges, and other Profession Organizations


I have presented papers on the combination of cognitive social learning principles, African psychology, and stress reduction strategies; and have participated on panel discussions regarding treatment of African Americans in clinical settings, the nature of white privilege, and male identity.

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Office Hours

Mondays and Tuesdays: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

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Service Fees
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Payment Options

I accept the following forms of payments:


  • Cash

  • Check

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and Discovery)

Medicaid through Access Behavioral Health


Sliding scale on an individual basis.

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